BG Services

Five Points offers a variety of BG products and services enhancing performance and the overall life of your vehicle, such as
● Power Steering
● Brake Fluid
● Differential 
● Transmission
● Oil System Cleaning 
● Cooling System Cleaning
● Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning
● Air Induction System Cleaning 

DPF Cleaning

At Five Points we are actively searching for ways to improve our range of services with the evolving technology instituted inside modern day vehicles. 

We recently added BG’s DPF & Emissions System Restoration System. This service is a must for diesel vehicles lacking in power, decline in fuel economy and frequent and/or lengthy regeneration cycles. All these symptoms can be caused by a soot blockage in the particulate filter.
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• Cleans air intake
• Cleans emissions system
• Triggers & controls DPF regeneration


• Restores fuel efficiency
• Reduces emissions
• Restores DPF performance
• Restores horsepower and                           performance

Engine Oil Service

• Keeps piston rings from sticking
• Stabilizes oil viscosity
• Prevents sludge and varnish
• Reduces wear
• Prevents increased harmful emissions

Benefits gained, prevents excessive oil consumption, allows safe extended oil change intervals, ensures reliability of critical engine components and longer oil change intervals.  

BG Engine Assurance® allows drivers to safely go the distance between oil changes. BG Extended Life MOA® oil fortifier is designed to protect engines and engine oils for many miles! Should failure occur over time and miles, rest assured because BG Extended Life MOA® is backed by BG Engine Assurance®. If you purchase a BG oil service with BG Extended Life MOA®, repair of the lubricated parts in your engine and/or fuel system is covered up to $6,000! As part of BG Engine Assurance®, if an eligible component in the engine and/or fuel system fails, BG will reimburse the consumer for the cost of replacement or repair.
BG Engine Assurance®
Plan 1: First service performed before vehicle reaches 50,000 miles
Plan 2: First service performed between 50,001 miles and 80,000 miles
Plan 3: First service performed between 80,001 miles and 100,000 miles 
BG Engine Oil Service
The BG Engine Oil Service covers gasoline engines.
Includes: BG Extended Life MOA®, PN 115, oil fortifier
Next service due: 10,000 miles
Maximum reimbursement: Plan 1: $4,000; Plan 2: $2,000; Plan 3: $500
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